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In the laptop world, ThinkPads are the gold standard — pure and simple.

They are engineered for usability, tortured for durability, and built for speed. Whether you need thin-and-light or a super-powered mobile workstation, we've got you covered.

ThinkPad notebooks set the standard for portable personal computing. From advanced processors and graphics to ultra-thin designs and extra-long battery life, there's a ThinkPad model for every business need.

Lenovo T SeriesT Series - Performance and portability - Lenovo's most popular ThinkPad

Intel® Turbo Boost Memory and solid-state storage drives expedite boot and application load times. The result? You keep your momentum strong and moving in the right direction — and your agenda in the front seat, where it belongs.

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Lenovo EdgeEdge - Daring new style, classic ThinkPad engineering

ThinkPad Edge Series laptops might jar purists with their progressive, strikingly clean look. But they retain renowned ThinkPad durability and reliability features. Spill-resistant keyboard? Check. Active Protection System? Rescue and Recovery? Check, and check.

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Lenovo X SeriesX Series - Thinnest and lightest, with the longest battery

Don't believe everything you hear — you don't have to settle for wimpy performance in order to get a slim, trim laptop. Our ultraportable X Series systems are feature-packed but they weigh in at a slight 1.3Kg.

Stop fighting for elbow space and wiggle room. Ultraportable X Series laptops are designed to fit right in on crowded conference room tables and tiny airline trays.

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SL Series - a balance of features and price
Lenovo SL Series
Running a small business is no small task. Our laser-focused business features keep you humming at the office; our entertainment touches help you decompress when you get home

The SL Series loses the traditional ThinkPad "suit and tie" design for a more toned-down, business casual look. But it struts professional savvy through VoIP optimization and multitouch touchpad navigation.

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Lenovo L SeriesL Series - The green choice for professionals

This reliable system helps control costs and pump up productivity. It also contains more post-consumer recycled content than any laptop in the world.

L Series laptops consume 40 percent less energy than older R Series systems and emit 50 percent less C02. They also contain more post-consumer recycled content than any laptop in the world.

The LED-backlit, mercury-free display helps us rack up gold medals from EPEAT® and ENERGY STAR.

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W SeriesW Series - a portable workstation

Buckle up, power up, hold on. Amped speed and performance fuel this mobile workstation. Get ready for a wild ride.Test thresholds and shatter performance barriers, courtesy DDR3 memory, RAID 0/1, and solid state
drives. Accelerate file transfers tenfold with USB 3.0, and beef up responsiveness with 16 GB of memory.

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X Series Tablet - a convertible tablet
X Series Tablet
Morph from notebook to tablet with just a twist. Our X Series tablets are convertible, so you get a traditional laptop at the office and an in-the-trenches, in-your-arms companion when you hit the road. Just fold back the screen to convert.

If you routinely work out in the field, you might be accustomed to waiting to finish up when you get back to the office. No need with our X Series tablets, as they offer an optional 400 NIT SuperBright Outdoor panel with camera-quality, anti-reflective layers. Excellent viewability — even in direct sunlight.

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Lenovo ThinkPad SL510

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Lenovo ThinkPad Edge 0301

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Lenovo ThinkPad X201 Tablet

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