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Lumension: IT Secured. Success Optimised

Organisations are facing a growing and rapidly evolving set of security threats, including: IT outsourcing, cybercrime, workforce mobility, Web 2.0, and data breaches. Lumension is the leading provider of operational endpoint management and security solutions that help protect your vital information and manage your critical risk across network and endpoint assets. Lumension delivers Vulnerability Management, Endpoint Protection, Data Protection, and Compliance and IT Risk Management Solutions to more than 5,000 customers protecting over 14 million nodes.

Our best-of-breed product portfolio includes:

» Lumension® Application Control (formerly Sanctuary Application Control)
Policy-based enforcement of application use to secure your endpoints from malware, spyware and unwanted or unlicensed software.

» Lumension® AntiVirus
Proven technology that incorporates a pioneering and industry-leading proactive anti-malware engine to provide complete protection against all malware, including viruses, Trojans, spyware and adware.

» Lumension® Device Control (formerly Sanctuary Device Control)
Policy-based enforcement of removable device use to control the flow of inbound and outbound data from your endpoints.

» Lumension® Patch and Remediation (formerly PatchLink Update)
Proactive management of threats through automated collection, analysis, and delivery of 15,000 patches (all major operating systems and applications) throughout your heterogeneous network.

» Lumension® Scan (formerly PatchLink Scan)
Complete network-based scanning solution that enables you to identify and scan of all devices on your network, including servers, desktop computers, laptops, routers, printers, switches and more.

» Lumension® Security Configuration Management (formerly PatchLink Security Configuration Management)
Out-of-the-box regulatory and best security configuration practices templates to ensure corporate endpoints and applications are properly configured.

» Lumension® Risk Manager
Comprehensive IT-GRC software that streamlines and automates audit workflows and IT risk management to provide crucial visibility across the IT environment and ensure compliance with hundreds of global regulations, mandates and internal policies.

» Lumension® Enterprise Reporting (formerly PatchLink Enterprise Reporting)
Robust data warehouse that enables easy creation and sharing of reports on all aspects of your remediation efforts in support of policy compliance.

» Lumension® Content Wizard (formerly PatchLink Developers Kit)
Create custom remediation package to address configuration issues, remove unauthorised files and applications, address zero-day threats, patch custom software and more.

» Lumension® NAC Integrator
Ensure that non-compliant endpoints blocked by your network access control solution can be automatically reformed back into policy compliance.