Microsoft Open Value Subscription Licensing

An Open Licence agreement may be the right choice for you if:

  • Your organisation is small to medium-sized
  • You have five or more PCs
  • You want to have the ability to increase or decrease licences annually

How does it work?

This three-year non-perpetual licensing agreement allows organisations with more than 5 PCs to rent Microsoft software. Organisations pay a single price per PC which makes licensing costs more predictable.

You can enrol all of your PCs, including any new ones that you buy, into an Open Value Subscription agreement, avoiding the need to support different versions of software across the business. Includes benefits like annual payment options on platform products, automatic upgrades to new software versions, the ability to use software at home as a staff benefit, training vouchers and 24x7 problem resolution support through Software Assurance which is automatically included.

How can an Open Licence agreement help you?

An Open Value Subscription agreement makes it easier, faster and cheaper for you to acquire software assets.

  • Open Value Subscription offers significant discounts when standardising across your organisation.
  • It makes it easier and less time-consuming to track your licences.
  • With one agreement for all Microsoft licensed products in your organisation, including qualified affiliates in other regions, you can keep track of your licences organisation wide.
  • You can immediate access to upgrades and new versions means you can keep your IT infrastructure current, helping to make it more secure and easier to support.
  • You have the ability to increase or decrease licences annually as the desktop PC count changes.
    Flexible payment options can give you more control over your cash flow.