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Microsoft Office Home and Business 2010 Overview

Microsoft Office Home and Business 2010 is the essential software suite for managing small businesses and working from home. Enhanced tools and features help you run your business, connect with customers, and organise your household more efficiently. Office Home and Business 2010 features new photo, video, and text effects for creating standout documents and presentations. New communication tools in Outlook 2010 help you stay in touch and organised. Office Home and Business 2010 makes it easier than ever for you to manage things in the office, at home, or in between.

Manage your business more efficiently with flexible tools

Organise finances with Excel 2010 and get data analysis tools to make informed decisions at a glance.

Create enticing documents, easily post them to your online folders, and invite business partners, customers, or friends to view them using Web-based versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2010.

Manage projects and resources from a single place by organising your information in OneNote 2010.

Microsoft Excel 2010 - Screenshot

Upgrade your customer communications

Create professional-looking communications faster with easy-to-use templates in Word 2010 and PowerPoint 2010, then add polish with updated text effects, photos, or videos.

Minimise inbox clutter with new conversation management tools in Outlook 2010.

Manage contact information from anywhere with Outlook 2010 on any PC or on your smartphone with Outlook Mobile 2010.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 - Screenshot

Organise and simplify your household routine

Help your child create high-quality class presentations using a variety of tools for adding video, photos, and text effects in PowerPoint 2010.

Prepare and manage a budget easily with ready-to use templates and analysis tools in Excel 2010.

Connect with others, manage your calendar, and stay on top of your to-dos with Outlook 2010.

Microsoft Outlook 2010 - Screenshot