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Top 10 reasons to try Office 2010 Professional Plus

1. Respond more quickly when you're away from the office.
The new Office Web Apps are online companions to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote that let you review and make light edits to documents from a browser.* Feel confident with your data since document formatting and content are maintained when edits are done in the browser and because the Web Apps can be hosted on premise. This extends the Office experience by giving you access to your documents when you are away from your PC.

2. Keep your people productive on the go.
With SharePoint Workspace 2010, you can keep all your SharePoint documents and lists available offline. When you connect, only the changes are synchronised, getting you the updates faster even when you have a low-bandwidth connection. Keep your team up to date, your content consistent, and take everything with you wherever you work.

3. Extend the Office experience to your smartphone.
You can extend the familiar Office experience to your mobile device by purchasing Office Mobile 2010. It enables co-workers in different locations to share, edit, and comment on documents with their smartphones.* Also, you can use Office Web Apps on SharePoint Server 2010 through the browser on your mobile device to view Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents. Extend your Office experience to stay up to date and do much more than just read e-mail from your mobile device.

4. Turn intuition into insights to make better decisions.
PowerPivot for Excel 2010 can help to quickly calculate large volumes of data from multiple sources. And take advantage of the new Sparklines to save space on-screen by charting trends in a single cell right next to the corresponding data. These new features in Excel 2010 make rich data analysis more accessible to more people and can eliminate the need to buy additional business intelligence tools.

5. Create presentations that help you stand out.
PowerPoint 2010 introduces new photo and video editing tools that let you trim a video clip, turn a color film into black & white, add artistic effects to photos, and more. Office Professional Plus 2010 puts you in the director's chair, enabling you to create dazzling digital content in PowerPoint 2010 without the need for expensive third-party tools.

6. Help increase productivity and reduce training costs.
Office Professional Plus 2010 extends the Ribbon interface throughout most applications, enabling your team to find the commands they need most. And the new Microsoft Office Backstage™ view gives everyone quick access to things such as viewing document information, saving, printing, and sharing. The Backstage view can be customised to surface the commands or workflow operations most important to people in your organisation.

7. Take control of your e-mail.
The conversation view and "Clean Up" and "Ignore" features in Outlook 2010 can remove duplicate information and act like a "mute button" for your inbox. Mail tips provide notices before a message is sent to protect information leakage or embarrassing mistakes. Warnings can be configured by IT to show alerts such as when a message is addressed to a large distribution list or to recipients outside of the company domain. Office Professional 2010 gives your people faster and easier ways to manage their e-mail.

8. Collaborate effectively to get things done more quickly.
Office Professional Plus 2010 enables Web-based collaboration, allowing multiple people to edit Excel Web App spreadsheets, build reports or documents in Word 2010, and annotate OneNote notebooks in real time. This means they can conduct brainstorm sessions, update data, and create compelling presentations without needing to be in the same room. Since the information can be hosted on premise, there's no need to make security compromises.

9. Instantly share a presentation.
The PowerPoint Broadcast Service in PowerPoint 2010 allows you to present a slideshow to any audience member who can access a Web browser.* Simply send out an e-mail invitation with a Web link and the recipient can follow along in his or her browser while you control the presentation from your PC. The PowerPoint Broadcast Service can be managed through group policy, and IT can choose between a locally-hosted service or a free service provided over the Internet through PowerPoint Live, or both. Now you can hold spontaneous meetings with customers and partners with security in mind and save on third-party broadcasting tools.

10. Maximise performance on new and existing hardware.
Office Professional Plus2010 was built to maximise performance across the hardware you already own, while positioning you for future hardware investments such as 64-bit chips, advanced graphics cards, and multi-core processors.