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Top 5 reasons to buy Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate

Note: Visual Studio 2010 Premium includes everything in Visual Studio 2010 Professional, and Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate includes everything in Visual Studio 2010 Premium.

1. IntelliTrace™ Eliminates 'No Repro'
Easily step through code that was previously executed on the same or another machine in order to identify what happened during the code execution and significantly cut down on time spent reproducing a bug.

2. Understand Existing Architectures
The Architecture Explorer and UML sequence diagrams help you explore and understand your existing code assets and their inter-dependencies.

3. Create, Manage and Execute Tests
Test and Lab Manager lets you easily define your testing effort for a specific iteration in your project, run manual tests and measure your progress.  In addition to creating and managing test assets like plans, suites and test cases you can also create and manage virtual lab configurations for your test environments.

4. Automate UI Regression Testing
Use Coded User Interface Tests to automate the testing of UI elements in your applications. Visual Studio 2010 automatically generates test code that can be executed manually or incorporated as part of your build process to automate UI regression testing.

5. Prototype Ideas Quickly
By using SketchFlow in Expression Studio, which comes with your Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate MSDN subscription, you can quickly deliver a functioning prototype that looks and feels like handwritten mockups.

Upgrading from previous versions

  1. Visual Studio 2010 Professional enables you to optimise your development environment with seamless multiple monitor support, allowing you to visualise your code and debug on one monitor while viewing external help or a tools window on the secondary monitor.
  2. Visual Studio 2010 Professional delivers new support for SharePoint development, including numerous templates for SharePoint components, tooling for Web Parts, Lists, Workflows, and Events so you can easily build customised collaboration solutions.
  3. Visual Studio 2010 Professional with MSDN Essentials is your complete development solution, providing access to the latest versions of Windows, Windows Server and SQL Server and delivering your proven source for latest technical information and product experts.
  4. Visual Studio 2010 Professional includes enhanced multi-targeting support, with new reference assemblies and the most accurate IntelliSense ever, allowing you to target multiple versions of the .NET framework with one tool.
  5. Visual Studio 2010 Professional simplifies building standards-based web applications with improved AJAX frameworks, core IntelliSense support for JavaScript, and the integration of the popular jQuery framework, an open-source JavaScript library.