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Microsoft Windows 7 ProfessionalMicrosoft Windows 7 Professional

Work anywhere easier.

Windows 7 Professional makes working anywhere easier and more secure. It simplifies connecting to networks and giving presentations. It helps you safeguard hard work and important information. And it's compatible with more business programs. If you work with a PC, Windows 7 Professional will help make working easier.


  • Automatically use the printer you prefer for whatever network you're on.
  • Build presentations faster with special one-click settings.
  • Preserve your investment in programs designed for Windows XP with Windows XP Mode¹ and greater compatibility.
  • Easily share files and printers by connecting multiple PCs to Windows 7 using HomeGroup.
  • Find and connect to wireless networks easier.
  • Make laptops sleep and resume from sleep faster.


  • Keep your work automatically backed-up to external hard drives or DVDs in case your laptop is lost, stolen or damaged.
  • Restore previous versions of files that have been inadvertently changed or deleted.
  • Keep confidential information private on PCs that are shared by multiple people thanks to file encryption.


  • Watch TV and movies in high-definition from cable, broadcast, the Internet or Blu-ray disc.²
  • Record high-definition and standard TV like a DVR.²
  • Watch TV programmes on-demand from the Internet and stream movies directly from Netflix.³
  • Enjoy breathtaking game graphics so real, they're unreal with DirectX® 11 technology.

Don't forget!

In order to get the most out of your new PC, don't forget to purchase a Microsoft Office suite.
¹  Available as a separate download on Windows 7 Professional or Ultimate if not pre-installed.
²  Requires either OEM pre-installation or post-purchase download of Windows XP Mode (which runs on Windows 7 Professional or Ultimate) and a virtualisation technology such as Windows Virtual PC. Customers can download Windows XP Mode and Windows Virtual PC free-of-charge when available.
³  Requires a Netflix membership.