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Which Windows 7 Edition is right for you?

Home Premium



Make the things you do every day easier with improved desktop navigation.
The new taskbar gives you more control of windows on your desktop – not to mention, a much better view. New navigation features like Snap make it easy to compare the contents of two windows side by side, in seconds.
Launch programs and find frequently used documents faster and easier.
Windows 7 keeps the things you use most right in front of you. Type a word or two to find virtually anything on your PC, from documents to songs to email. And with just two clicks, you can access the files, programs and tasks you use most, giving you a faster way to resume your latest playlist or visit recently viewed websites.
Make your web experience faster, easier and safer than ever with Internet Explorer® 8.
Internet Explorer 8 helps you do what you want, faster, when you're online. With innovations to the address bar, the Favorites bar, tabs and search, Internet Explorer 8 simply serves up more information with less effort.
Watch many of your favourite TV shows for free when and where you want with Internet TV.¹
Watch your favourite shows for free when and where you want. Internet TV in Windows Media Center lets you tune in to hundreds of programmes, like full-length episodes of TV shows, concerts, movie trailers, news, sports clips and more.
Create a home network and easily connect multiple PCs with HomeGroup.
HomeGroup makes connecting the computers in your home a painless process. Now, sharing files across various PCs in your home is as simple as if all your data were on a single hard drive.
Run numerous Windows XP productivity applications in Windows XP Mode. ²
Windows XP Mode provides you with the flexibility to run older Windows XP applications right from your Windows 7 desktop, extending the life of your software library.
Connect more securely to company networks with Domain Join.
Connect PCs quickly and more securely to your wired or wireless domain network using Domain Join.
Recover your data easily with automatic backup to your home or business network.
Schedule a periodic backup to save data or an entire system image to a network location or local drive using Advance Backup. When the need arises, you'll be able to easily restore previous versions of files that you've accidentally deleted or changed.
Protect PC data and portable storage devices against loss or theft with BitLocker™.
BitLocker Drive Encryption helps protect sensitive data from being accessed by unauthorised users who come into possession of lost, stolen or improperly decommissioned computers. This protection is even extended to USB storage devices.
Work in the language of your choice or switch between thirty-five languages.
Windows 7 Ultimate is available in thirty-five languages, all at once. If you have a multilingual household or are learning a new language, you can install as many languages as you want and switch between them by logging off and then back on again. And if your family shares a single PC, each family member can use his or her preferred language to interact with the PC.

¹  Internet access required. Free Internet TV content varies by geography. Some content may require additional fees.
²  Requires download of Windows XP Mode (which runs on Windows 7 Professional or Ultimate) and virtualisation technology such as Windows Virtual PC.
Customers can download Windows XP Mode and Windows Virtual PC free-of-charge when available.