Microworld Nova at Insight UK

Microworld Nova at Insight UK

Do you have trouble accessing your Software Assurance eLearning?

Utilise the benefits of your Software Assurance agreement and increase staff productivity without breaking the budget. As a Microsoft SA customer, your license agreement includes Microsoft® Official eLearning benefits, however activating this useful training tool is both complicated and time consuming. As a result, most companies do not optimise their investment, and do not get their staff trained on new software releases, thus not improving productivity. Microworld Nova have developed Novacore® which solves all the current time consuming tasks of rapidly deploying eLearning to medium and large corporations, as well as offering useful reporting and analytical tools.

Novacore is an easy and cost effective solution to deploy, manage and educate users in Microsoft ELearning.

Novacore Deploy, Manage & ControlHow Novacore can help your company:

  • Update & Increase Your Staff Productivity
  • Huge Savings on Training Costs
  • Fast & Easy Deployment
  • Centralised Administration
  • Multiple Languages Available
  • Proven Return-on-Investment
  • Efficient Reporting Tools
  • Optimise your Investment in Software Assurance