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How does the MS CertKit work?

MS CertKitThe MS CertKit is completely unique, not only due to the product mix integrated into one system, but more importantly how all products are blended together.

The advantage of using blended learning is that each product refers to another, which results in a much more coordinated learning solution.

Live Tutor is the glue that sticks all the other products together.  Your Live Tutor's are not only available to provide technical advice and help on area's you don't understand, but they also guide you in the right direction – telling you what to do and when.

For example; the MS CertKit ensures that when you take an assessment in 'Exam Coach' and speak to your 'Live Tutor' about the results, you will be told what to do next in order to improve on your weak area's.
In the same context, the live tutor will ensure that your time is used efficiently – so if you are strong in certain area's, there is no point studying things that you already know!

This gives you the peace of mind that you will be prepared for taking your real certification exam in the most effective and structured way possible.