Microworld Nova at Insight UK

Tips & Tricks

  1. Don't be constrained by history and past training preferences
  2. Respect the diversity of your audience and understand their needs
  3. Secure senior management commitment and buy-in
  4. Balance high quality with low costs
  5. Align learning to key organisation values and goals
  6. Undertake a 'pilot' to demonstrate success and identify key obstacles and likely resistance
  7. Develop and implement a plan to overcome obstacles and resistance
  8. Establish a strong brand and communications strategy for eLearning in the organisation
  9. Establish 'eLearning champions' in 'local' divisions (locations)
  10. Demonstrate value and benefits to the organisation in terms of improved business performance, increased sales, staff satisfaction and customer care

Study where you want, when you want...!Study Where You Want, When You Want

Regardless of your type of organisation, skill levels, or learning styles; Microsoft eLearning can provide access to just the right software training - anytime and anywhere - for IT Professional, developers, and home and office workers. As a web application, eLearning can be accessed everywhere so you have the option of studying at work, when travelling or on the comfort of your own home.