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MXSweep Email Archiving Service – Archiving is not about storage it is about finding and quickly

Email Archiving is not an option it's a must. If your business relies on email, then you need to consider email archiving to protect your business from data loss and to meet numerous compliance requirements including under the Data Protection Act and various industry standards.

Due to email retention policies organisations must be able to store and retrieve their data in a fast and efficient manner.  If not handled consistently, exposure to legal risk can result in costly fines and damaged reputations.


According to Gartner, email volume for companies is growing by more than 30% annually and the average user receives more than 7MB of data per day via email.  The handling of this data is mission critical. With MXSweep Email Archiving, you can ensure:

  • SaaS-based email archiving, remove the storage requirement and allow fast retrieval
  • Outlook and OWA plug in
  • Disaster recovery
  • Data encryption
  • Automated policy application
  • Allows search of emails/files in all fields and attachments on demand
  • Compatible with all email platforms
  • And much more!

MXSweep Email Archiving

MXSweep Email Archiving

MXSweep Email Archiving Demo

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