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  • NHS City and Hackney
    The UK National Health Service (NHS) has a tarnished public image as a result of several high visibility data breaches. While steps have been taken to improve internal security, the NHS initiative, Connecting for Health, has obvious gaps at the operating level.
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MXSweep Encryption – Protect critical data and comply with industry regulations

Sending unprotected emails presents a significant business risk.  Exposure to unauthorised recipients can result in financial loss and damaged reputations.  In certain industries, such as health, the transfer of customer data must be encrypted whether by email or file transfer under typical country regulations such as NHS policy in the UK and HIPPA in the US.

Here are some examples of why you need to consider using MXSweep Encryption to protect your data:

  • Argos exposed customer's credit card numbers in Email
  • A CD-Rom containing more than 1.2 million digitized receipts was lost/stolen by the House of Commons…which found its way to the Daily Telegraph
  • Redstone Mortgages emailed 15,333 mortgage accounts to a member of the public by mistake


Data breaches happen. Human Error is a given fact.  By encrypting your email, large file transfers, USB keys, and CDs with MXSweep Encryption, you can ensure:

  • Retain control of information at all times
  • Secure all email messages and attachments allowing no room for error
  • Prevent data loss via email
  • Full audit trail of who, when, where information is accessed
  • Ensure only authorised recipients can access information securely
  • Enforce company policy in related to encrypted data

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