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Case Study

  • NHS City and Hackney
    The UK National Health Service (NHS) has a tarnished public image as a result of several high visibility data breaches. While steps have been taken to improve internal security, the NHS initiative, Connecting for Health, has obvious gaps at the operating level.


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Email Security: Content Control

Content Control, Data Leakage Prevention, Image Analysis

MXSweep's Content Control service is a highly effective 'set and forget' solution that's designed to protect every company that uses this service against enforcement actions, legal penalties and unwanted commercial disclosures. It does this by ensuring that businesses can automatically ascertain the compliance of every email they send or receive – both with their own 'acceptable use' policies and with all public and private sector regulatory requirements.

Our content control service is available in a bundle with our email security service.

Regulatory Background

According to a study by the US-based Ferris Research, ensuring email compliance, whether regulatory or corporate, is the third biggest concern that Chief Information Officers and IT directors face – just behind viruses and spam. This is hardly surprising – just take a look at the plethora of national and international legal and regulatory controls, including SOX, HIPAA, GLBA and Visa CISP. Their scope is massive, but can be boiled down to regulation of the receipt or sending of 'inappropriate' emails, including those that offend, breach privacy, mislead or misuse privileged information. Managers are responsible for the security of their own organisations' key commercial properties, including Trademarks and Patents. The dissemination of these and other valuable materials, whether accidental or malicious, is another growing threat that also has to be managed effectively.

Key Compliance Considerations

MXSweep Email Security Content Control

MXSweep addresses these Issues:

The company administrator creates a number of policies in accordance with the organisation's corporate and regulatory needs, using the solution's inherent flexibility to individualise them by specifying as search criteria all the expressions that are required.

Key Features & Benefits for Customers

  • The straightforward creation of acceptable use policies, specific to every customer subsidiary  and applicable to inbound and outbound email, subject header, body, attachment, recipient and sender
  • The ability to create complex expressions as search criteria, providing the flexibility to take widely differing corporate rules into account
  • Easy assurance of staying within the law, through pre-defined ethnic, sexual and regulatory filters
  • Simple identification of illegal or offensive material via image scanning
  • Transparent reporting to ensure full accountability and consistent compliance
  • Easy content configuration and management
  • Effective policy enforcement
  • The opportunity to make considered judgments, using a secure location where suspect mails may be assessed.