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Case Study

  • NHS City and Hackney
    The UK National Health Service (NHS) has a tarnished public image as a result of several high visibility data breaches. While steps have been taken to improve internal security, the NHS initiative, Connecting for Health, has obvious gaps at the operating level.


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Email Security: Recovery & Continuity

MXSweep's Recovery & Continuity service is a key email disaster recovery feature used by many of our SME and Public Sector customers.

The service is available in a bundle with our email security service or as part of email security and content control offering a premium security service to our customers. 

MXSweep Recovery & Continuity service addresses these customer Issues:

  • In the event of server failure users can instantaneously access their inbound email through the secure MXSweep portal. Once they have retrieved their email, its business as usual.
  • Individual users can use our 'instant replay' feature to restore any inadvertently deleted emails immediately, without any involvement of the IT department.
  • Even a back-up failure is no reason for concern - the administrator can simply choose to re-deliver inbound emails, including attachments, that have been retained for up to 60 days, right up to the point of failure.

There are three key aspects of the service:

First, all email that is sent or received within the organisation is automatically scanned and securely managed, with inbound email being stored in addition for up to sixty days in a secure archive. Then if there is an email server outage users can access and recover email instantaneously through the secure MXSweep portal. Once they have retrieved it, they can then work with their emails as usual.

Second, individual users can use our 'instant replay' feature to recover inadvertently deleted inbound emails, without involvement of the IT department.

And third, even a back-up failure is no reason for concern – the administrator can simply re-deliver all inbound emails including attachments that have been queued from the point of the server outage thus ensuring business continuity.

Features and Benefits

  • Automatic Replay of  queued email as soon as the customer server is back online
  • Easy to use and instant user recovery of inbound email in the event of server outage, guaranteeing your organisations email business continuity
  • Immediate, business-wide restoration of all email recovery, even in the event of a back-up failure
  • Constant availability of email functions
  • Guaranteed clean email because it is integrated with the MXSweep email security service
  • Rapid deployment and minimal training need thanks to our easy to-use web interface and hosted email security portal 

MXSweep Email Security Recovery Continuity