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    MXSweep Mobile Security Service is a simple software application that will protect smart phones from loss or theft.


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MXSweep Mobile Security Services – Protecting against loss of data from laptops and smartphones

Employees are all mobile and the use of mobile devices is now starting to dominate corporate communications and data transfer. And considering 46% of employees , in a recent survey, admitted to transferring data back and forth between their work and personal mobile devices, it is safe to say that sensitive corporate  data is being transmitted outside the parameters of the organisation. In addition the increase in theft or lost mobile devices is exposing companies to serious data loss situations that can lead to fines and more importantly serious reputation damage.  Protecting smartphones and laptops from data loss and allowing retrieval of these devices in the event of loss is a key consideration for any corporate today.


Businesses need to start considering what methods they will use to protection their organisation's data held on mobile devices.  With MXSweep Mobile Security Services you can ensure:

  • Remote phone lock/unlock
  • Phone contact backup/restore
  • Laptop backup/restore
  • Automatic lock after an unauthorised SIM card change
  • Device Sirens
  • Remote data shredding
  • Location Mapping

MXSweep Mobile Security