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About Norman

Norman SandBox® together with Norman Exploit Detection and Norman DNA Matching are the cornerstones of Norman's proactive strategy to combat Internet based crime. Companies like MessageLabs (Symantec), eEye Digital Security, Microsoft among others use Norman's technology to help protect their customers.

Through its technology platform, Norman delivers core antimalware protection for clients, servers and network security. These products and services are designed to protect business communications and resources, including corporate networks and applications, remote employees, branch offices, and extranets. The company also offers market-leading advanced malware analysers which enable organisations to automate the process of analysing suspicious files, identifying types of malware, and assessing threats. Norman's award-winning security solutions protect millions of consumer PCs from hackers, spyware and identity theft.

Norman SandBox®
Today new viruses are spreading faster and faster as they continue to exploit vulnerabilities found in popular applications. Traditional signature-based antivirus tools are insufficient in the fight against these upcoming threats. Norman SandBox® Technology is a proactive solution designed to protect against new and unknown viruses.

Norman Exploit Detection
When new unknown programs is created and distributed Norman uses DNA matching technology to determine whether these programs have malicious, suspicious or legitimate behaviour. If too much of the new programs' DNA consists of malicious elements the new program is most likely malicious too.

Norman DNA Matching
Vulnerabilities in popular applications and file formats have been around "forever". Exploitation of such vulnerabilities has become an increasingly popular way to spread malicious programs. Norman Exploit Detection addresses this propagation vector.

Industry Solutions

Finance Solutions

Few sectors in modern societies have security needs as demanding as the finance sector.

Government Solutions
Governmental institutions consist of complex, geographically widespread institutions, huge centrally located organisations, and smaller entities located locally.

Manufacturing Solutions

Norman Network Protection (NNP), an antimalware network appliance used as a gateway or inside a network, is an effective first line of defence against the spreading of e.g. Stuxnet worm variants of malicious software.

Forensics Solutions

Data forensics is conducted by highly professional experts around the world