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Virgin AtlanticVirgin Atlantic: Airline Takes Off with Patch Management
While the primary focus of the aviation industry since 9/11 has been on making it more difficult for hijackers to take over an airplane and use it as a weapon, IT departments have been busy hardening their systems from attackers much less visible. Their main concern and responsibility is protecting the data security and integrity of their networked infrastructure.
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Barclays BankBarclays Bank: deploys Device Control to remove USB security risk
Barclays uses a mixture of Windows XP, Windows 2000 and Windows 2003 across it's entire PC estate. As part of Barclays' security audit and risk assessment, the bank needed to ensure that certain devices such as USB drives were not freely accessible, therefore removing the risk from intruders tampering with PC's via the USB ports.
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eEye Digital SecurityBehind The Scenes Security: eEye in Focus
At the forefront of malware and exploit auto-analysis tools is the Norman Analyser. This tool allows the eEye Research to get a very quick idea of what a sample might potentially be doing before analysing it at a binary level.
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Alfresco SolutionNorman protects Alfresco-Solution
Special care and attention needs to go into the choice of virus protection software for database based applications. Neither local virus protection nor purely signature-based scanners are considered ideal. Therefore, Bauer AG opted for the Norman Network Protection malware scanner to protect Alfresco, their new ECM solution.
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Stokvis TapesStokvis Tapes
"We can monitor the system ourselves and we get clear signals when Norman Network Protection captures spyware and malware in our network. There have already been a number of occasions when Norman has stopped potential attackers."
Joachim Westman, IT Manager of Stokvis Tapes.
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Life Health FoodsLife Health Foods
"Norman Endpoint Protection is very welcome and simplifies things for us tremendously. If we had to go round and change the protection in 130 shops all over Sweden, it would take four hours per shop on average, plus travelling time, so we are saving a lot of money."
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Office IT-PartnerOffice IT-Partner
"Norman's email filter simplifies and safeguards our customers' e-mail"
With the aid of Norman Email Protection, Office IT-Partner can offer its customers effective and anxiety-free e-mail protection.
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Hawker PacificNorman protects Hawker Pacific
"We have to protect our gateways, and that means from internal as well as external threats. These days the risk is too large – prevention is much better than cure!"
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ArlaArla protects its production from network threats
Arla Foods' Chief Information Security Officer, Jens Roed Andersen, is nonetheless seeking to ensure that the company can remain in production if the network connection is completely broken.
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