Norman at Insight UK


Enterprises comprise a variety of different organisations belonging to all sectors of a modern society. Common for almost all, however, is computer dependency; and thereby the exposure to malware infections, software vulnerabilities and intrusions from unauthorised personnel. The price you may have to pay is downtime and costly rescue operations, not to mention loss of productivity and revenue.

The need to protect your valuable data and your infrastructure from internal and external threats cannot be taken lightly.

Norman has solutions aimed at reducing the danger involved, and allows you to operate your systems at an acceptable risk level.


  • Data Protection
    Prevent Data Loss and Theft by Enforcing Removable Device Usage and Data Encryption Policies
  • Endpoint security
    With Norman Endpoint Protection organisations can now have confidence in their security and focus on their core business
  • Vulnerability management
    Integrated, Proactive Software Vulnerability Assessment and Patch Management
  • Strengthen the defence with Content Control in Networks
    Norman's NNP has been verified by independent labs to improve network security