Norman at Insight UK


Few sectors in modern societies have security needs as demanding as the finance sector. Banks, insurance companies and other enterprises in this sector are constantly exposed to malware infections, software vulnerabilities and intrusions from unauthorised personnel. The cost resulting from bad publicity as a result of a security breach, is indeed severe.

Finance institutions also need to ensure that their customers are able to conduct transactions in a secure manner. Some institutions offer their customers free or inexpensive security software in order to accomplish this, which also of course creates a higher degree of customer loyalty.

Norman has solutions aimed at securing organisations operating in the finance sector, as well as their customers to increase customer loyalty and provide safer transactions between the end user and the financial institution.


  • Protects against sensitive customer- and financial data from security breaches and cyber attacks
  • Securing clients against online fraud
  • Malware Outbreak prevention to protect network infrastructure
  • Scalability
  • Provides data transactions in a secure manner
  • Improve IT system performance by content control
  • Reduced Total Cost of ownership with easy installation and operation