Norman at Insight UK


Data forensics is conducted by highly professional experts around the world. Many organisations have the need to analyse malware, including Computer Emergency Response Teams (CERTs) in countries and large organisations, government intelligence agencies, homeland security agencies, defense departments, service providers and telecoms companies, computer crime investigation units of all sizes, major financial organisations, and stand-alone security experts, to name some.

Common for all these experts is the need for advanced tools in order to perform their important work in an efficient manner.

Norman has solutions particularly designed for specialised data forensics organisations and personnel, as well as for bigger organisations with specialised malware analysis teams.

The Norman SandBox® Analyzer and Norman SandBox® Analyzer Pro are tools to assist in and make malware (virus, spyware, Trojans, bots, etc.) analysis easier, faster thus more efficient with a great ROI.

Where to use Norman forensics tools:

  • Larger organisations as Bank's, insurance, defence industry, manufacturing etc. concerned about potential malware damages to their organisation.
  • ISP's
  • Government Security organisations
  • Defense
  • Cert's, both the government and company Certs
  • Manufacturers of security appliances and security software
  • Non-Profit organisations of various kind, similar to government Cert's

Norman has been trusted as a leading expert by global organisations to investigate and protect against cyber incidents since the first days of malicious software. Organisations can now bring Norman's expertise into their own labs with SandBox Malware Analysis tools, proven and adapted daily in Norman's labs against evolving threats.