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Norman Network Protection (NNP), an antimalware network appliance used as a gateway or inside a network, is an effective first line of defence against the spreading of e.g. Stuxnet worm variants of malicious software.

Stuxnet has been a hot topic in security during 2010 and remains so with the ability to exploit four zero-day vulnerabilities. Stuxnet has been successful in targeting industrial operations around the world using SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) systems. To date Stuxnet has spread from computer to computer via USB memory sticks and through copying itself to new networks protected by weak passwords.

No network is immune to malware infections, software vulnerabilities and intrusion from people with illegitimate intentions. The price you may have to pay is more than simple downtime and costly rescue operations, the loss of productivity and revenue. As security analysts and media are pointing out, a malware infection in a chemical plant or power plant could have disastrous consequences for a business or a nation.

There are risks involved with operation such as process plants, manufacturing sites, distribution centres and the business systems operated in companies' head offices. And there are additional risks associated with the interconnectivity between the different operations involved in manufacturing.

Norman has solutions aimed at reducing the danger involved, and allows you to operate your systems at an acceptable risk level.

Norman Network Protection for manufacturing

Norman Network Protection is a revolutionary solution, which meets the security challenges in a manufacturing business. This efficient product can be easily deployed at the organisation's parameter and/or between different parts of the operation's networks.


  • Antimalware Front end for factory floor
  • Protects against attacks like the Stuxnet worm
  • Protects plant networks
  • No reduction in network speed
  • Scalable and deploys in under 15 minutes