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Nuance is the world's leading provider of speech and imaging technologies that transform the way people interact with information and how they create, share and use documents. Every day, millions of users and thousands of businesses, charities, schools, colleges and universities experience Nuance solutions. Making each of those experiences productive and compelling is what Nuance is all about.

Revolutionary Education Tools
Now available for both PC and Mac, Dragon speech recognition software is helping to enhance the education process for students and teachers alike. It has been shown to improve core reading, writing and spelling skills for students of all abilities. Dragon allows students to dictate at up to 3 times faster than typing – it also lets them control their computer by voice whether they're sending an email, making notes, doing research or creating a presentation. Plus, many teachers rely on Dragon as a productivity tool to help them manage their overwhelming administrative workload. With all these advantages, it's no wonder that Dragon is being used in more and more schools, further education institutions and universities every day – with great results.

  • Improve core reading and writing skills for students of all abilities.
  • Help students with language-based learning disabilities to more easily express themselves.
  • Provide an accessibility solution for teachers and students with physical disabilities.
  • Help bridge oral and written communication skills for English language learners.
  • Enable teachers and staff to prepare lesson plans and assignments, assess student work, write reports and send and manage email faster and easier than ever before.

Increased Document Productivity for Staff and Students
Whether it's writing or reviewing admissions applications, marking papers or homework, teaching or processing documents, staff need smarter PDF, Scanning and OCR (Optical Character Recognition) solutions to help them manage their paper and document intensive tasks. Nuance imaging solutions help educators achieve exceptional efficiency along with significant cost savings and increased productivity by:

  • Transforming paper into editable electronic documents.
  • Improving student services with faster, more accurate document processes.
  • Shrinking the environmental footprint through vastly reduced paper consumption.
  • Enabling full PDF creation, conversion and form-filling functionality throughout the entire institution whilst considerably reducing licensing costs.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking for PC and Dragon Dictate for Mac

Improving Core Skills for Students of All Abilities
Imagine the new levels of freedom and success that students can experience by transferring their ideas into written text quickly and easily.  Dragon can generate a new excitement for writing and learning for students whose written work may not have reflected their full potential. Dragon's fast and accurate dictation capabilities make it easier for students to transform thoughts into text without spelling worries. Now they can focus more on the actual content of their work and more intelligently express themselves in writing. They can just talk to their computer and watch the spoken words appear in documents, emails and presentations – instantly. By eliminating the physical demands of typing and cognitive barriers to written communication, Dragon can help students better realise their full potential.

Dragon goes beyond straight dictation, making it simple to edit and format documents and even control spacing, punctuation and capitalisation – all by voice. Dragon's natural language capabilities allow users to just tell Dragon what they want to do, like "make that red", "bold that", "insert 3 x 3 table" or even "search Wikipedia for the Battle of Hastings" and it automatically completes the task. To make things easier, the Dragon Sidebar feature allows users to see important voice commands and tips at any time – without interrupting what they're doing.

Increasing Independence and Levelling the Playing Field for Students with Accessibility Requirements
Dragon is a proven accessibility tool for students with physical disabilities. It helps them gain greater independence and empowers them to keep pace with their peers. Students with learning disabilities and English as a second language that leverage Dragon for school work are able to produce results that more closely match their true potential. Students can deliver longer, more thorough and detailed essays and other written work since they can focus on quality content, rather than the traditional writing process. Dragon NaturallySpeaking includes text-to-speech technology that lets students listen to text read aloud by a computerised voice and follow what is being read on the screen. This practice has been shown to improve both word recognition and pronunciation for struggling readers and students learning English and allows for easy proof-reading. Plus, the "play that back" feature lets students hear their dictated text in their own voices, allowing them to self assess their writing and make any necessary edits.

A Valuable Resource for Teachers and Administrators
Larger classes. More paperwork. Fewer resources. How can teachers and administrators keep up with growing workloads without compromising work/life balance or quality of education? Dragon can help dedicated professionals do more with less by enabling them to:

  • Provide detailed feedback on student assignments in a fraction of the time.
  • Communicate more effectively with students and colleagues via email and online applications.
  • Speed the creation of lesson plans, research projects and other documents.

Nuance PDF and Imaging Solutions – Invaluable Tools for Staff and Students

Nuance is the worldwide leader in document capture, document conversion and PDF software solutions for the desktop. Our innovative PDF and imaging solutions can remove much of the document creation and management burden from administrative staff and students.

PDF Converter Solutions
Nuance PDF Converter products are the smarter choice for anyone to create, convert and edit PDF documents. Staff and students alike can save significant time and money without compromising on features or quality. Nuance also offers a free PDF reader with features other readers don't have so PDF documents can be shared with all.

  • Create 100% industry-standard PDF files from virtually any PC application with a single click.
  • Instantly and accurately convert PDF files into fully formatted Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, XPS, and Corel WordPerfect documents.
  • Edit, annotate, mark-up, highlight and secure PDF documents.
  • Complete and save PDF forms.

OmniPage OCR Solutions
The continued use of paper and information that is locked in non-editable digital formats slows students and staff down and frequently leads to re-creating and re-tying content. This wasted time can be a drain on both productivity and morale. OmniPage is the fastest and most precise way to convert documents into editable digital content that looks and feels just like the original – complete with columns, colours, pictures and graphics.

  • Complete scanning and recognition of text, tables, graphics, images and forms.
  • Monitor, recognise and convert files from incoming email.
  • Capture and convert text with digital cameras or camera phones.
  • 99%+ accuracy for document conversion in 123 languages.

PaperPort Document Management Software and Scanning Solutions
PaperPort is a productive and cost-effective way for students and staff to scan, organise, find, re-purpose and share all documents including paper, PDF, application files and photographs. PaperPort combines efficiency of document management, the convenience of advanced scanning capabilities and the power of PDF document creation and assembly to simplify information sharing and archiving.

  • Support simple and easy scanning.
  • Find documents instantly with fast and effective search and retrieval.
  • Organise and manage all documents, photos and spreadsheets with one software application.
  • Support efficient collaboration.

Advantages of Education Volume Licensing

Nuance offers educators the opportunity to take advantage of the advanced features and network deployment benefits of our top of the range professional software with an education volume licence program that is specially designed to suit the requirements of staff and students in every qualifying organisation, university, college or school.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional

  • Automation of complex or repetitive tasks with voice commands: simple voice commands can significantly minimise the need for mouse and keyboard activity.
  • Roaming voice profiles: this advanced feature allows a student or teacher to work on multiple workstations with a single user voice profile.
  • Network administration tools: centralised management of voice profiles, custom vocabularies and custom voice commands.

All Speech and Imaging Products

  • Support for custom installation: system administrators have the flexibility to control which product features are made available to users by choosing the most suitable installation options.
  • Network installation capability: single licence numbers can easily and efficiently be deployed within industry standard MSIs.

Dragon Classroom Packs and The Dragon Schools Licence:

The Dragon Classroom Pack delivers great value for schools and includes licensing for up to 5 installations (for usage by an unlimited number of school users) of either Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional for PC or Dragon Dictate for Mac plus the necessary software media.

The Dragon Schools Licence offers exceptional value, allowing for up to 100 installations of both Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional and Dragon Dictate – enabling schools to mix and match PC and Mac solutions as required. Both options come with a Dragon Education Support

Pack that includes:

  • Dragon quick tips and tricks support cards.
  • Dragon posters.
  • Dragon USB key containing:
    • Dragon user support collateral.
    • Dragon HTML training and video files.
    • Links to free Dragon iPhone and iPad applications.
    • Free school-wide PDF Reader.

Speech and Imaging Higher Education Licensing:
Our Higher Education licensing options have been designed to offer the highest levels of flexibility and value whilst taking into account the differing usage requirements of each technology. Dragon NaturallySpeaking and Dragon Dictate are available as 5, 10 and 25 packs suiting the localised requirements of speech technologies, whereas PDF Enterprise and PDF and Imaging Suite licences are available as full site-wide licences covering the entire institution – simplifying installation, reporting and software asset management of core technologies.