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Quantum Media

Quantum media cartridges are manufactured to industry standards for quality and reliability ensuring low error rates, high performance and long-term durability. Quantum media allows you to archive your data with confidence.

Quantum DLT Tape Media DLT Tape Media
  • Reliable media for critical data
  • Compatible with all DLTtape drives
  • Storage capacities from 20-1600GB (compressed)
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Quantum LTO Ultrium Media LTO Ultrium Media
  • Optimised media for high capacity and performance
  • Compatible with all LTO Ultrium drives
  • Storage capacities from 200-1600GB (compressed)
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Quantum DAT / DDS Media DAT / DDS Media
  • Compact and cost-efficient media
  • Compatible with DAT 72, DDS-4 and DDS-3 drives
  • Storage capacities from 24-72GB (compressed)
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Quantum RDX Media RDX Media
  • Flexible onsite/offsite data backup at hard drive speeds
  • Interchangeable, removable cartridges of various capacities
  • Windows backup software with data deduplication technology
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