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Productivity, Efficiency & Return on Investment

"Productivity is the ultimate killer feature." - Pfeiffer Report

Independent technology research group Pfeiffer Consulting published a productivity report in June 2008 on QuarkXPress 8.0. The report analyses the results of a benchmark project conducted by Pfeiffer Consulting for Quark®, comparing user interface efficiency and workflow productivity of QuarkXPress 8 with earlier releases of the software, including QuarkXPress 6.5 and QuarkXPress 7.31. 

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"Once you add a variety of productivity gains, it becomes clear that... they can represent thousands of dollars of return on investment over the course of a year." Andreas Pfeiffer

QuarkXPress Testing ResultsMajor Findings

  • Productivity benchmarks conducted for this report show significant productivity and efficiency increases of many common page-layout operations, as well as improved file import and object manipulation capabilities.
  • QuarkXPress 8 includes a completely re-designed user interface that significantly increases productivity of many common page-layout operations.
  • A newly introduced content tool allows significantly streamlined manipulation of boxes as well as their content, eliminating the need for time consuming tool changes or menu commands.
  • Direct import of native Adobe Illustrator® files in QuarkXPress 8 provides greater productivity when working with vector graphics.
  • Seamless integration and creative control of interactive content in the page-layout environment are key benefits of QuarkXPress 8.
  • The cumulative impact of individual productivity gains may provide a return on investment (ROI) of several thousand dollars per workstation over previous releases of QuarkXPress.