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Why choose RSA SecurID?

Strength of Security: The Strongest and Easiest to Use One Time Password Security Solution.  RSA SecurID authentication offers a unique, time-synchronous solution that automatically changes the user's password every 60 seconds.  This makes RSA's solution more secure than event-synchronous systems with passwords that can be valid for an indefinite period of time and easier to use than challenge-response systems that require multiple steps to generate a valid code.

Integration: Built-in interoperability with more than 200 leading vendors of firewalls, remote access servers and wireless access points means fewer headaches for you.  RSA ensure that your integration process will be as trouble-free as possible and so have invested in a broad program to validate that its products interoperate with most of the major network infrastructure products on the market.

With the strong support of the RSA Secured program you can be sure that RSA SecurID authentication can protect your enterprise data no matter whatever else changes in your environment.

Featured Integration Partners

  • Cisco Systems
  • Juniper Networks
  • VMware
  • Microsoft
  • Citrix


Broad Application in the Enterprise: Most people purchase RSA SecurID authentication to protect their remote access systems. But with this solution, that's just the beginning.  When you invest in RSA SecurID, for no additional cost you can add strong, two-factor authentication to your wireless LAN, dramatically reducing the risk of parking lot hackers accessing your most critical systems.

After that you could add two-factor authentication to:

  • Your Board of Directors collaboration web site
  • Your Cisco® and Citrix® environments
  • Your enterprise single sign-on solution
  • And more…

All of this functionality comes with no additional expense, offering you maximum flexibility and investment protection as you increase the ROI of your RSA SecurID installation.

Flexible, Powerful Offerings: Don't get locked into a single authentication method or server configuration, maximise your return on investment by ensuring that your security system will evolve with your business needs.

Though RSA is most well-known for hardware tokens, however they offer a broad array of authenticators to suit any situation:

USB Device Hardware - An ideal choice for a wide range of environments where various authentication methods (e.g. One Time Passwords, Digital Certificates, Microsoft Login Credentials), application and user needs exist.
Key Fob Hardware - Enables secure authentication using a convenient hardware device small enough to attach as a keychain
PC Software - An optimal selection for end users who typically access their accounts from only one or two PCs and prefer not to carry devices
Smart Phone Software - Allows one-time passwords to be generated on end-user's Smart Phones, enabling them to securely access network resources without having to carry a separate device.
Browser Toolbar Software - Provides a convenient two-factor authentication option for web-based resources
SMS/E-mail On-demand - A strong fit for temporary employees and business continuity needs, this zero-footprint offering allows end-users to receive a one-time password via SMS or e-mail.

RSA also offers a wide range of server offerings:

Server Solutions
RSA Authentication Manager Base Edition - An ideal choice for a medium size business. Provides 2 servers for master/replica configuration.
RSA Authentication Manager Enterprise Edition - Master server, up to fifteen replicas, and multiple realm capacity makes this the choice for larger enterprises. Includes Deployment Manager software.
RSA SecurID Appliance - Base or Enterprise Edition license on a turnkey hardware platform. Hardened Windows® operating system included. Easy installation makes it well suited for SMB customers and remote offices
RSA SecurID Authentication Engine - For customers wishing to integrate strong authentication into an existing management infrastructure. SAE provides the RSA SecurID authentication engine and programming interfaces.


Scalability & Quality - Designed to be a mission critical application, RSA invests heavily in its testing labs to ensure that their solution meets your demanding requirements.  RSA's tokens are extremely robust in comparison to its competitors, every RSA SecurID token is sealed to protect it from the elements and to prevent tampering.  RSA SecurID hardware tokens are subjected to rigorous tests to ensure that you never get hit with hidden costs due to token failures.

With a mission-critical application, downtime can mean missed opportunities and lost revenue. That's why redundancy, automated fail-over, support for high-availability servers and cross realm authentication are all available features on the RSA SecurID Authentication Manager.

Support & Innovation
- When you purchase RSA SecurID authentication you're buying into one of the leading technical support organisations in the world. RSA's worldwide "follow the sun" support organisation is recognised as best in class by its customers and partners.

Because you never know when you'll need a helpful hand at two o'clock in the morning, RSA offers telephone, email and online support in multiple languages and time zones. Beyond our technical support, RSA has a robust Professional Services team ready to help with any special requirements for your organisation.