SAP® Crystal Solutions for IT Users

SAP® Crystal Solutions for IT Users Providing access to information is a critical task for IT in any organisation. Today, business models are changing and business users are demanding greater transparencies - burdening IT with ever-increasing requests for information. SAP® Crystal solutions equip IT professionals with tools for challenges that include transforming data into timely, actionable information; sharing, scheduling and delivering interactive reports over the Web; and leveraging dashboard and visualisation tools to improve decision-making.

With SAP® Crystal solutions, you can:

  • Provide greater visibility into company data
  • Deliver information the way your users need it
  • Give self-service access to live company data in tools your users work with everyday
  • SAP Crystal Solutions ConfiguratorOptimise time, money and resources

SAP® Crystal solutions help reduce IT workload - freeing up additional resources to help the rest of the organisation in a more strategic way. Learn more about SAP® Crystal solutions: