SAP® Crystal Solutions

License Types

  • Concurrent access license (CAL): Provides access to the system for any individual, up to the CAL limit; Once all the CALs on a system are consumed, additional logons are prevented until another CAL is freed up.
  • Named user license (NUL): Provides guaranteed access to the system for named individuals
  • CALs are intended for casual reporting users.
  • NULs are intended for users that require guaranteed access to reports, SAP® Crystal dashboards, and Dashboard Builder functionality.

Supported Desktop Software

Data-Driven Publishing

The number of publishing recipients varies according to the number of concurrent access licenses ( CAL ) licenses.

5 CAL 100 recipients
10 CAL 250 recipients
20 CAL 1000 recipients
250 CAL Unlimited recipients

Maintenance and Support

  • Maintenance is purchased separately.
  • Customers with active maintenance receive both support and upgrade assurance to new major and minor versions of the software.


  • SAP Crystal Solutions ConfiguratorA single deployment may not exceed 250 CAL and 100 NUL.
  • For each deployment, SAP® Crystal Reports® Server 2008 may be installed and used only on a single server.
  • Clustering, load balancing, and failover are not supported.
  • SAP® Crystal viewing and Dashboard Builder functionality are only available with NULs.
  • Data-driven publishing is only available with CALs.
  • SAP® BusinessSuite and SAP® NetWeaver Business Warehouse connectivity are not supported.
  • SAP® BusinessOne connectivity is supported.

For Developers:

  • Developers who use this technology to build applications that will be redistributed, sold, or deployed to a third party, need to purchase a copy of SAP® Crystal Reports® Server 2008 for each installation.
  • An OEM license is required when granting access to commercial applications that use SAP® Crystal Reports® Server to third parties.