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Sophos experts and leading industry analysts have published a series of white papers addressing and discussing anti-virus and anti-spam issues as well as other related topics. Find out more about the problem of viruses, Trojans, spyware, spam and worms in the white papers published below.

Understanding the Total Cost of Ownership for Endpoint Security Solutions

Organisations considering moving to an endpoint security solution often assume that the costs of switching from their current anti-virus vendor will be greater than upgrading with that vendor. This study, conducted by Hobson & Company and commissioned by Sophos, aims to uncover and quantify all the cost areas involved in migrating (upgrading or replacing) to an endpoint security product and managing the solution to gain a total cost of ownership (TCO) comparison between the leaders in the field.

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Free yourself to do more, while securing your business simply and cost-effectively

In tough economic times, with tightened budgets and heightened competition, it's vital for businesses to secure their systems and data against a growing field of threats. However, implementing and maintaining full-spectrum protection can be a heavy drain on financial and human resources if not done right. This white paper discusses how efficiencies in security can free up both human and physical resources to become a more flexible and profitable operation.

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The enemy within: Stop students from bypassing your defenses

Computer literate K-12 students regularly use anonymising proxies to bypass their school's web filters to access pornography, social networking, and other blocked websites. This is a major security flaw because most infected networks are first exposed via the web. This white paper discusses the risks of students bypassing web filters and the technologies that schools can use to combat them.

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Enabling a safer internet: The positive approach to web security

As blogs and social networking sites become increasingly mission-critical business tools, organisations require a positive security model to replace yesterday's access-blocking approach. This paper highlights the issues and describes the three pillars of protection organisations need to safeguard their systems and resources.

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Stopping data leakage: Making the most of your security budget

The need to control the flow of corporate information is acute. This paper gives practical guidance on how to use your IT budget effectively to prevent data leakage at the gateway and endpoint and highlights the benefits of encryption in securing data if it does get intentionally or accidentally lost.

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Laws, regulations and compliance: top tips for keeping your data under your control

Complying with a growing number of government, industry and internal regulations designed to protect data is becoming harder and more expensive to manage. This paper investigates how a well-defined strategy, backed up by powerful technology can provide the solution.

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Is virtualisation a black hole in your security? 5 ways to ensure it isn't

End users running unauthorised, unsecured virtual environments on their computers make corporate systems and data much more vulnerable. This paper gives five effective ways to secure yourself against the hidden threats.

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