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Email Encryption - End-to-End TLS Encryption Service hosted Email Boundary Encryption service uses TLS technology to encrypt the email connection between your organisation and other nominated companies. All messages and attachments are encrypted to ensure complete confidentiality. Email Boundary Encryption service is compatible with any SMTP-compliant email messaging platform including Exchange Email Server, GroupWise, Lotus Notes-Domino.

Why use our Email Boundary Encryption service?

Our Email Boundary Encryption service is a fully managed, easy-to-use service with no in-house software or appliances.


Hosted Email Boundary Encryption


Ensuring continuous message security
Encrypts every message and attachment sent between nominated companies
Sensitive information can be passed between the two, helping to comply with policies or regulations
Ensuring data privacy is maintained over email
Can be configured to not send messages if an encrypted connection cannot be established
Builds trust between two parties
Email security
Works alongside MessageLabs Email Anti-virus and Anti-spam services
Enables you to meet your email messaging security needs with a single provider

As with all products, our hosted Email Boundary Encryption service includes 24x7x365 support.

Email Encryption Service - How it works Email Boundary Encryption service sets up a completely secure private email network that connects your employees with the clients and partners you specify. The encryption service is underpinned by our use of TLS technology to encrypt the whole email connection between the sender's and recipient's mail servers.

How MessageLabs Hosted Email Boundary Encryption Works

  • You identify the organisations you wish to exchange encrypted emails with
  • A secure, private email network is established, incorporating TLS encrypted tunnels
  • All emails travel via this network
  • ensures the integrity of all communications and manages all authentication certificates

Getting started

To implement our Boundary Encryption Service you must already be using or initially purchase our Email Anti-Spam or Email Anti-Virus service. Our Encryption service can then be activated based on a flat yearly fee.