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Secure Email Encryption Service offers both a Policy Based and an end to end Boundary Encryption service, providing a suite of secure Email Encryption and privacy solutions to fit your business needs. Email Encryption and privacy solutions offers two ways to protect you, whether you need to encrypt all email sent between your organisation and your business partners or you need to protect specific emails containing sensitive data including social security numbers, key words, or credit card numbers.

  • Policy-Based-Encryption enables you to create policies on which messages to automatically encrypt based on a variety of criteria such as content, senders and recipients or attachment properties. You know you're compliant and your clients know they can trust you.
  • Email Boundary-Encryption creates a secure email network using an enforced TLS channel between your organisation and your nominated business partners. Simple to set up and no user interaction required.

Why Hosted Email Encryption and Privacy Service?

Both email encryption solutions are backed by 24x7 customer service and are compatible with Email Security Services. They have intuitive administrative and reporting tools within a secure customer portal, are quick to implement and are scalable. No additional appliances or software are required, and life cycle costs are minimal.