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Datasheets and Whitepapers at Insight UK Hosted Email Content Control Service Email Content Control Service scans messages and attachments to identify confidential and inappropriate content sent or received by employees. The scope of all filtering remains under the full control of your in-house service administrator.

Our Email Content Control Service complements our Email Image Control service, while also working seamlessly with our Email Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam services to provide added levels of email security.

Why use Email Content Control Service?

The Email Content Control Service is a managed service. It requires no hardware purchases, no installation, no ongoing upgrades and no maintenance by your IT team.


Hosted Email Content Control


Reducing data loss through out-going email
Scans messages and attachments using rules your organisation creates
Confidential, sensitive, and proprietary material is blocked from leaving your organisation
Protecting employee from offensive inbound email
Scans content for profanity and offensive text
Inappropriate content does not reach your network
Enforcing acceptable use policies for emails
Allows flexible monitoring of email content and attachments
Reduces email misuse within your organisation
Protecting the reputation of your company
Provides control over emails leaving your network

As with all MessageLabs products, our hosted Email Content Control filter includes 24x7x365 support.

Email Content Filter - How it works

Our solution harnesses a range of multi-layered scanning technologies which determine whether or not each individual email may be allowed in or out of your organisation. Email messages and attachments are scanned for predefined keywords, phrases, URL lists or alphanumeric formulae (such as credit card, National Insurance or Social Security Numbers), all at the administrator's discretion. Different rules can be applied to different users or groups of users.

How MessageLabs Hosted Content Control Works

  • All emails are directed through the platform, hosted in secure data centres worldwide
  • Each message is scanned to assess its compliance with your acceptable use policy, local rules and specific requirements
  • Any email that triggers a rule is subjected to a range of possible actions, such as 'block/delete' and 'redirect to administrator'
  • All email that doesn't trigger a rule is permitted to pass
  • Reports summarising data collected and actions taken by the service can be generated easily

Getting started

Implementing our Email Content Control Service is a fast and easy process and you can be up and running in minutes. You simply pay a fixed monthly cost based on the number of users connected. The service is scalable so new employees can be added easily as your business grows.

Our Email Content Control Service combined with our other services provides increased email security. Other service options include Email Image Control, and Email Encryption which can be easily added on to the service, for greater levels of protection and security.