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Datasheets and Whitepapers at Insight UK Hosted Email Encryption Service - Policy Based Policy Based Email Encryption service works with our Email Content Control to scan emails and attachments and automatically encrypt messages which are identified as containing sensitive information.

Why use Policy Based Email Encryption Service?

Our Policy Based Email Encryption service is a fully managed, easy-to-use service with no in-house software or appliances.


Policy Based Email Encryption


Ensuring data privacy
Encrypts messages containing private data
Emails are automatically encrypted - no need for your users to activate the system
Demonstrating your organisation's commitment to security
Granular encryption policies can be defined, based on users/groups and the content in emails or attachments
A secure and robust system for securing email through encryption
Ensuring ease of use for recipients of encrypted email
A range of delivery options of encrypted email are available
Encrypted mail can be read via a secure web portal or delivered direct to the recipient's inbox  
Find cost savings in your organisation
Encrypts messages otherwise delivered by post
Email can be used to securely send sensitive information, including pay slips, CVs, invoices, and statements

As with all products, our Hosted Policy Based Email Encryption Service includes 24x7x365 support

Policy Based Encryption - How it works

Allowing selective encryption of emails to be implemented right down to individual user level, the service makes it simple to create and enforce effective messaging and encryption policies.

How MessageLabs Hosted Email Policy Based Encryption Work

  • You create encryption policies specific to your company's policies
  • Outbound emails travel between your email server and via TLS-encrypted tunnel
  • scans the messages against your policy, automatically encrypting the messages that trigger security settings
  • The recipient views their encrypted message either from their inbox or through a secure web portal
  • Recipients can reply through a secure portal

Getting started

Implementing our Policy Based Email Encryption Service is a fast and easy process and you can be up and running in minutes. You simply pay a fixed monthly cost based on the number of users connected.  The service is scalable so new employees can be added easily as your business grows.

Policy Based Email Encryption Service can be purchased separately or can be combined with our AntiVirus or AntiSpam services for increased levels of protection and security.