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  • Email Encryption Client
    Email has become a vital business tool, so much so that analysts estimate as much as 80 percent of a company's intellectual property is contained in its email.
  • Enterprise Security Suite
    Maximum protection and minimum complexity from gateway to endpoint.
  • Hosted Email Security
    Email is mission critical, but spam and email-based malware volume is growing exponentially; it's difficult to keep up.
  • Worry-Free Business Security Advanced and Standard
    As a small business, you rely on the web to generate demand, serve customers, and compete effectively.
  • Enterprise Security for Endpoints
    Immediate protection, less complexity, and greater flexibility for endpoints.
  • Deep Security 7
    Enterprises are increasingly online and data-centric, and no matter what the purpose¿connecting partners, personnel, suppliers, or customers¿applications face a growing danger of cyber attacks.
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Trend Micro Email Encryption

With up to 80% of a company's sensitive information contained within email, unprotected email poses a critical risk to enterprises.  The need to protect brand, relationships and clients personal identifiable information (PII) is fuelling a growth in the need for email encryption.

Trend Micro understands that encryption of data in motion can be a daunting prospect for organisations.

Trend Micro Gateway Encryption solution takes away that pain.  Using Identity Based Encryption (IBE), it avoids burdensome pre-registration and certificate management incurred by earlier PKI technology.  Encrypted content is simply pushed from senders to recipients like any other email – as simple as that!

  • Protects sensitive email without changing the user experience
  • Ensures privacy and aids regulatory compliance through policy based encryption
  • Eases administration by avoiding the cost and complexity of PKI technology
  • Compliments any investment in full disk encryption (data at rest)
  • Secure delivery to anyone with an email address

Trend Micro offers both gateway (policy based) and client encryption to provide an overall encryption solution.  Policy-based encryption automates the encryption of particular types of content while user-designated, client-based encryption protects unique content in specific emails. Both efficiently deliver secure email to anyone with an email address.