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  • Email Encryption Client
    Email has become a vital business tool, so much so that analysts estimate as much as 80 percent of a company's intellectual property is contained in its email.
  • Enterprise Security Suite
    Maximum protection and minimum complexity from gateway to endpoint.
  • Hosted Email Security
    Email is mission critical, but spam and email-based malware volume is growing exponentially; it's difficult to keep up.
  • Worry-Free Business Security Advanced and Standard
    As a small business, you rely on the web to generate demand, serve customers, and compete effectively.
  • Enterprise Security for Endpoints
    Immediate protection, less complexity, and greater flexibility for endpoints.
  • Deep Security 7
    Enterprises are increasingly online and data-centric, and no matter what the purpose¿connecting partners, personnel, suppliers, or customers¿applications face a growing danger of cyber attacks.
Trend Micro at Insight UK

Worry-Free Business Security Services

Key Benefits

Protects your valuable business data and files from theft or tampering
You can safeguard your data, including financial data, with lock-down protection for any folder, including confidential account information.

Protects you from threats that come from USB devices or Wi-Fi connections
Your workforce is protected from viruses carried on USB devices, and from hackers that attack when your computers log on via Wi-Fi.

Provides global neighborhood watch via Trend Micro Smart Protection Network
More than 50 million threat sensors around the world identify new web threats constantly to block dangerous web sites, spam, and files.

Easy to set up on desktop computers, laptops and servers
Just register, login, connect to protect—and you're secured. Register online and receive instant access to the service.  Then, simply connect each machine.

Protection Points

Protects Against

  • Office computers
  • Remote computers
  • Laptops
  • File servers
  • USB devices
  • Wi-Fi connections
  • Viruses
  • Hackers
  • Spam
  • Spyware
  • Phishing
  • Data theft