Welcome to VMware vShield

Secure your Cloud with Virtualization-Aware Security

Strengthen your application and data security, improve visibility and control and accelerate IT compliance efforts across the entire organization with virtualization-aware protection for virtual datacenters and cloud environments from the VMware vShield family of security solutions.

  • vShieldAchieve Better-than-Physical Security: Adaptive security travels with virtual machines as they migrate from host to host providing secure support for virtual machines in dynamic cloud environments. Applications run efficiently while maintaining trust and network segmentation of users and sensitive data.
  • Improve and Simplify Security Management in a Single Framework: A single comprehensive framework secures virtual datacenters and cloud environments at all levels—host, network, application, data and endpoint, in a management framework that integrates with VMware vCenter™ Server.
  • Reduce Complexity and Eliminate Bottlenecks: Reduce the complexity of endpoint, application and edge network security by consolidating your security infrastructure and eliminating the "sprawl" associated with software agents, security policies, dedicated security appliances and "air gapped" solutions with VMware vShield.
  • Improve Visibility and Accelerate Compliance: Leverage the unique introspection capabilities of VMware vShield and the VMware vSphere platform to help identify hard-to-detect problems precisely and efficiently while controlling file integrity monitoring, rootkit protection, and data leak prevention.
  • Leverage Existing Security Solutions: vShield works seamlessly with existing enterprise IT security measures through REST APIs. Get customized integration of vShield capabilities into third-party security solutions, including existing antivirus and anti-malware solutions.