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Data Loss Prevention Solutions to Secure Confidential Data and Manage Risk and Compliance

Websense® data loss prevention (DLP) technologies are part of the Websense TRITON™ solution and provide market-leading DLP capabilities designed to secure sensitive information and intellectual property, as well as manage and enforce regulatory requirements. Supporting a wide range of deployment options, Websense DLP solutions enable organisations to deploy the DLP solution that best meets their needs with reduced cost and complexity.

Prevent Loss of Sensitive Data
With the ability to identify and monitor organisations sensitive data, Websense DLP solutions help prevent data loss through data transmission and exchange including email, Web, USB, and other channels.

Increase Visibility into Where Data is Sent and Stored
Websense DLP solutions provide visibility into where data resides, where its sent and by whom.

Meet Regulatory Compliance
Simplify the task of ensuring regulatory compliance with built-in templates for financial, health care, and other regulated industries by using Websense DLP solutions.

Flexible Product Options
Websense Data Security Modules - Providing flexibility to meet the specific requirements of each organisation, Websense data loss prevention solutions comprise four unique modules. The modular design enables staged rollouts that best meet organisations specific needs.

  • Websense Data Monitor
  • Websense Data Protect
  • Websense Data Endpoint
  • Websense Data Discover

Websense Data Security Suite - Designed for enterprise DLP deployments, Websense Data Security Suite includes the four integrated modules, managed under a single policy framework. Websense Data Security Suite offers visibility and control over network and endpoint data loss as well as comprehensive data discovery across organisations storage systems.

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