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The Essential Guide to Protecting Essential Information

The nine-to-five workday is clearly a thing of the past; business happens aroundthe-clock, anytime and anywhere opportunity avails itself.

To compete, business needs more than constant Internet connectivity. It needs the assurance that essential information—the lifeblood of any business—remains protected across any communication channel.

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Websense TRITON: Its time for a new solution.

Content is the lifeblood of every organisation. The way we create, consume, and communicate it has radically changed … so, too, must security. And its no wonder. Just consider todays threats and the enormous challenges they pose. Attacks are more blended, sophisticated, and targeted, and most attacks are out to do one thing: steal precious data. Every channel of communication is vulnerable, from email and mobile computing devices to a multitude of Web-enabled technologies. Attackers have adapted their strategies to prey upon social and dynamic websites and to circumvent traditional security measures by embedding malware in legitimate websites.

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Websense Corporate Brochure

Websense is the global leader in unified Web, data, and email content security.  Our solutions enable organisations worldwide to improve employee productivity, secure confidential information, and manage risk and compliance wherever employees work.

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Websense Data Security Solutions

Protecting customer and other confidential data from malicious and accidental leaks is one of the top business and IT security challenges facing organisations today. Whether its customer records or intellectual property, information is the lifeblood of todays enterprise.

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Websense Messaging Security Solutions

Websense® enables organisations to harness the power of email as a vital business communication vehicle while keeping security risks in check. Stopping today's threats requires an expansive view that goes well beyond email.

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Websense Web Security Solutions

In the past, most Web content was static and predictable. But today's reality is that Web content—even from so-called "trusted" sites—is constantly changing with end-users encouraged to post, edit, or manipulate content.

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